Lets talk about how to buy a Singapore property launch, in Singapore, the small nation with a thriving economic country in Asia.

WHY buy a Singapore new launch?

Singapore new launches could be a better choice as total price is likely to be lesser than resale property.

This is because prices have yet to increase since building and construction is still underway.


Many investors are keen to invest in overseas property as they would like to diversify their wide portfolios.

so a good way is to find a country that has a good record and safe government such as Singapore.

Of course, browsing thru the internet will be faster and easier as a whole, before heading to the show place for said properties.


Singapore property launch websites

Below are some Singapore new launch websites which i found particularly good such as north park residence, lakeville price, alex residences price.

Or if something closer to town could be Citygate singapore, which you can read about in my other blog,


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Thanks for reading, and wait for more articles on the way.

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