North Park Residences the freshly new residential condo launch that'll be available to selling to customers within 1st quarter 2015 in March.

A 920 units condo with a attached mega mall and situated iin Yishun, upper north of Singapore, the asian nation known for a great and famous booming economic climate along with commercial infrasdtructure within Parts of asia.
North park Homecreator is distinguished as wll as well-known regarding several some other condo rentals in Singapore.
Northpark Residence may take a seat on top off some soprt of forthcoming searchin center plus built-in carry centre, referred to as north Point City mall.
Residents or even buyers will be able to gain valueable knowledge and info also at Northpark Residences website. This uplifted yishun new condo style way of life is unique and also the first mega development in Yishun.North park Residences is set to become the newest icon as well as the trademark or icon of the northern Singapore Metropolis, and will definitely be considered the greatest local mall that will be a boost for residents and shopperholics.